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Are the assessments taken, scored and completed completely online?

Yes, all assessments are purchased and completed 100% online and results/reports are sent to you as a PDF document to your email for you to keep, print or share.  Assessments may be completed at anytime of day or night via the user friendly digital Testing Site.  Once you complete your purchase, you will receive detailed instructions on how to gain access to the Testing Site.  On completion of your assessment(s) it will be time to schedule your complementary, but required, feedback session with one of our Certified and Licensed Interpreters who will review your results with you. The assessments that do not require an interpretation/feedback session are The IStartStrong Instrument, and The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI).

Are Hard Copy Self-Scorable Versions Available?

Upon request, self-scorable booklets may be available for shipping. Please contact us via email at info@careerassessmentsite-staging.hnn5yj6h-liquidwebsites.com for more information.

What are your business hours?

Career Assessment Site operates Monday-Friday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time).

Will my results be shared with anyone?

Your results are 100% confidential, and will only be shared with others with your consent. The only two persons who will see your results are you and a Career Assessment Site licensed professional for your interpretation session. Those assessments that do not include consultations, will only be viewed by you.

**Participants will always receive a copy of their assessment(s), we cannot withhold results from an assessment participant.

Can I purchase an assessment for someone else?

Yes, you can purchase assessments on someone’s behalf. You will be asked at the time of checkout if you are purchasing the assessment for yourself or someone else. If you select, “Someone Else” you will receive instructions shortly after purchase on how to provide the assessment participants’ information to us so that they can complete their assessment(s).

How long will it take for me to receive my results?

Once you make your purchase, you will receive an email within 4-5 business hours or less containing a link with instructions on how to complete your assessment(s). After the completion of your assessments, you will receive an email including a link to self-schedule your informative consultation, via telephone, Zoom, Skype or by conference call, with one of our certified interpreters to best understand your results and to receive your report(s), as per The Myers-Briggs Company guidelines for restricted psychological assessments.

Why should I buy from Career Assessment Site?

At Career Assessment Site we offer the most competitive prices available on the internet. Our assessments are both valid and proven. No knock offs here! We are licensed with The Myers-Briggs Company to administer the assessments we provide to our clientele. We provide outstanding customer service and are here to aid you through the process, track your account and answer any questions you may have. We utilize a digital, user-friendly platform which makes the assessment completion process seamless for our clients.

Do my results come with an interpretation session?

Here at careerassessmentsite-staging.hnn5yj6h-liquidwebsites.com we comply with the interpretation requirement for all restricted*  psychological assessments. All restricted psychological assessments offered at careerassessmentsite-staging.hnn5yj6h-liquidwebsites.com include a mandatory assessment interpretation at no additional cost to you. Audio Zoom and Skype are used for international customers. Upon completing your assessment(s) you will receive an email including a link to self-schedule your free interpretation session and receive your results. Additional counseling beyond that of your initial consultation is available through the Career Assessment Site team at an additional cost.

*Non-Restricted reports that do not require a consultation nor include a free consultation are the iStartStrong Profile and the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) Profile & Interpretive Report.

What is the structure and flow of The Interpretation Session?

Your consultation is an interactive phone, Zoom or Skype audio call with a licensed interpreter who will review your results with you, providing you with explanations of the details of your report as well as verifying your reported MBTI® Type if you have completed an MBTI® Assessment. You may ask questions during your session or you may mostly listen if you wish. Our feedback sessions are very popular and we are sure you will be satisfied. This is not a sales call in anyway and the consultation is of no extra charge to you.

How do I schedule my assessment interpretation?

Upon completing your assessment(s) you will receive an email with a link to self-schedule your consultation.

What is your interpretation appointment reschedule policy?

Reschedules of your consultation appointments are allowed without a fee up to 24hrs* prior to your appointment time. Rescheduling requests after this deadline will incur an $18.50 rescheduling fee.

*This includes Fridays at 10:00am (PT) for upcoming Monday appointments.

What are the differences between paid versus free assessments?

There are many free personality and interest inventory assessments located around the internet. One must know that though these tests attempt to mimic the MBTI® Instrument at no or sometimes a low cost to you, they are neither valid nor proven to assess you or what you are searching for. The MBTI® instrument has been rewritten for validity and cross culturally tested for over 50 years and cannot be replaced by replicas that attempt to do so.

Are discounted bulk purchases available?

Yes, we offer discounts for bulk purchases of ten or more reports. Discounts increase depending on the type of assessments you choose and the quantity purchased. You are able to view and select all available bulk purchase quantity discounts on the product page of each assessment available for sale.

Does MBTI® Personality Type Change Over a Lifespan?

Out of all of the questions we are asked, as MBTI® practitioners this is the most frequent. The simple answer is no. We are born with a particular personality type preference and this stays with us throughout our life. However, it can get a little bit more complicated than this. As we age we tend to give more attention to what is called our “MBTI less preferred functions”. These functions are the part of our personalities that we are not born to use as often or the parts of our personality that don’t come as naturally to us. So at times, when we complete a Myers-Briggs® Assessment at a young age, and repeat it when we are in our golden years, it is possible to get varied results. Though this does not mean our personality type has changed, it simply means that we have further mastered other parts of ourselves over the years.

Other examples where varied MBTI® test results may occur are from outside pressures including family, peer, and social factors. If it happens that an individual completes an MBTI® Assessment and retakes the assessment at a later date, receiving different results, it is important to look at what outside factors might have influenced the subject’s change in results.

Additionally, family members and friends can have a preconceived notion of how a person should be. This is why it is so important that when completing an assessment one should think about who they are, and not how others might want or think they should be.

It is accepted in traditional based societies for men to be assessed as Logical, Introverted-Sensing-Thinking and Judging Personality Types (ISTJ’s) as opposed to Extraverted-Intuitive-Feeling and Perceiving Personality Types (ENFP’s). Some males might answer some questions toward a male dominated type, while in realty their true type is that of an Extroverted-Intuitive-Feeler-Perceiver. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in being a male ENFP Type. Some of the great minds of our times are and were ENFP’S, such as the great movie mogul Oliver Stone, Walt Disney, and the original talented writer and philosopher Salman Rushdie.

So as you can see, on rare occasion factors can affect assessment results, but personality type does not change. To avoid skewed results, make sure to allow for uninterrupted time when taking an assessment; be opened and honest, be true to yourself, and remember there are no right or wrong answers. Simply answer how you are most of the time and not how others see you or how you think you should be. Remember, you are acceptable, wonderful, and many share your personality type.